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Collaboration in Science

Science class

IGCSE Biology students recently worked with the Year 5 students to teach them about genetics and the structure of DNA. The Year 10 students designed a lesson that included a presentation and exciting DNA model building activity. Ario in Year 10 said, “It was quite nerve-racking teaching a lesson with other teachers in the room, but it was exciting to see how much the Year 5 class was enjoying it.” Nadira said, “It was nice to be able to share what we have learned, as breaking the topic down for the younger students also helps us remember it better.”

Following this lesson, the Year 5 class made a visit to the Secondary science laboratory where they were taught how to use the light microscopes to look at specimen samples. By the end of the lesson, many of the students were able to independently set up and focus the instruments. Mr Wahid said, “It was great fun and hopefully this will inspire a lot of our students to read more about science and especially genetics.”