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Celebrating the spirit of student leadership

Anirudh Sripathi is passionate about contributing to positive change in his school community. Having learnt a great deal from his previous student leadership roles, the Year 12 prefect is determined to help enhance student representation at ACG School Jakarta and encourages all students to play their part. 
ACG School Jakarta Year 12 prefect, Anirudh Sripathi

When it comes to school spirit, it's hard to go past Anirudh Sripathi. 

A keen advocate of all his school represents, Anirudh is proud to be an ACG School Jakarta student. And prouder still to be a Year 12 prefect.

"When I was chosen to be a prefect, I felt a sense of contentment and joy," says Anirudh. "I've been at ACG for the past six years and learnt much about the school during that time. It's an honour to be chosen for this leadership role.

"To me, being a prefect means maintaining an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, peace, discipline and unity. It means sharing my ideas and receiving ideas from others to enhance the lives of ACG students. It's about helping people, maintaining high standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance, and most of all, being a positive role model."
It's a lot to embrace, but the enthusiastic 16-year-old is undoubtedly ready for the challenge.

"Personally, I enjoy planning events, collaborating with my fellow peers and contributing to positive change in my school community. I'm excited for the year ahead and all the successes and challenges it has in store for me."

Already, Anirudh has enjoyed a broad cross-section of highlights in his new role, including the "fun and lively" regular prefect meetings and the chance to work with the Primary Student Council.

"Communicating with students who are much younger than me has given me a whole new perspective on what's important for our students and I've learnt to become more friendly and enthusiastic. Not only that but participating in leadership at this level has made me more open-minded. Knowing that larger and more important decisions are now in my hands, I think more about what's best for others and how I can lead initiatives that impact a larger audience."

With previous leadership roles that include Student Council Year 7 representative and Year 8 House Captain for Cicaks, Anirudh has developed strong foundations to succeed in the role – and numerous aspirations to accompany them.

"I think that these previous roles nurtured me and provided me with experiences that I can draw from in my role as prefect. For example, they taught me to be open to other people's perspectives, be more caring, and always keep the best interests of others at heart. I also learnt the importance of being a good role model and setting the right example through my actions and behaviour.

"In my role of prefect, I hope to foster a friendly and cooperative learning environment and ensure that all students feel involved in the school in some way. Some students have talents or interests which they may not have been able to pursue recently. I look forward to helping them reconnect with their passions and find others within the school who share them. Furthermore, I want to create events and initiatives which are based on students' interests and increase school spirit and joy, so there's a strong sense of patriotism among ACG School Jakarta students."

And while his position of prefect gives Anirudh a solid platform to achieve these goals, he is quick to point out that all students at ACG School Jakarta have the power to drive positive change.

"You don't have to be a prefect or a student leader to make significant change within your school – you can always find some way to play a part. It's great to be a prefect, and I am extremely honoured, but everyone can contribute to improving their school environment if they are willing to."