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Building great leaders: Rebecca Balanescu

Year 12 prefect Rebecca Balanescu may be new to ACG School Jakarta, but she’s no stranger to the responsibilities of leadership.


At her previous school, Mark Twain International School in Bucharest, Rebecca was part of the student council and enjoyed the role so much she jumped at the chance to join the ACG School Jakarta student leadership team.

“Being on the student council taught me about communication, being part of a community, sharing responsibilities and the importance of time management. It was also an experience as far as mastering the art of negotiating, managing conflicts, and representing the school were concerned,” says Rebecca.

With a desire to keep building on these skills, she wasted no time in applying to become a prefect when she started at ACG.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity for a newcomer like me to get noticed, and I like representing my school. Holding such a position of responsibility will also be an advantage when I apply for university.

“When I found out that I’d been selected I felt excited, honoured and empowered. For me, being a prefect means being responsible, proactive, and having the opportunity to be part of the school community. I hope I can make a positive contribution to the school spirit while also achieving my other leadership and academic goals.”

Rebecca is looking forward to promoting the school and organising fun events for students. However, she does admit that it is an ongoing juggling act to maintain a good study/life balance at the moment, during lockdown conditions. But the determined teen says she will overcome any hurdles that arise.

“I am very excited to work with the head students, the academic leadership team and my fellow prefects. The ACG student council community have been so supportive during this time, and I am so happy I am part of it. I have found all the students and teachers at ACG School Jakarta to be incredibly welcoming, warm and encouraging.”