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Building great leaders: Anh Vu

Newly appointed prefect Anh Vu can’t wait to make a positive contribution to student life at ACG School Jakarta – and she’s not about to let Covid-19 affect her plans.


“The situation we are in right now is quite challenging, so if I can help make it a little more fun for everyone, I will feel very satisfied,” says the enthusiastic Year 12 student.

“I hope my contribution as a prefect will help to create a better environment for the ACG community and I hope that I can come up with ideas that are beneficial to the students and faculty.”

Anh has been appointed president for the first term and is eager to “start planning some amazing events for the student body”.

Now in her second year at ACG School Jakarta, this is her first leadership role – and a position she is taking very seriously.

“Being a prefect is a very honourable role because this is a huge responsibility as a student. It’s a way for us to take part in larger events outside of normal classes and prefects have a duty to enhance student life at ACG. I felt incredibly excited when I was chosen because I really had no idea what the outcome would be.”

Last year Anh applied for Student Council, and although she wasn’t selected at the time, the experience boosted her resilience.

“Not being chosen for Student Council last year didn’t stop me from applying this year – and in the end I got the role. This has taught me that I shouldn’t give up just because things don’t always work out the first-time round.”

Having finally secured her longed-for leadership position, Anh is looking ahead to all the opportunities and benefits her new role will bring.

“Through this experience, I will improve my leadership capabilities, time management, creativity, communication, and planning skills. Prefects are upheld to a high standard, and I will work hard in order to become a role model for the younger students.”

Her advice to those younger students? “Even if you’re not sure that you have the leadership experience to be a prefect, apply anyway. You’ll never know unless you try! Be confident in yourself and take risks.”

And to every ACG School Jakarta students, Anh adds: “I’m here for all students if you need help. Don’t be afraid to ask the prefects if you need guidance or if you have ideas for great school events. We’re all ears!”