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Art of Heart

ACG School Jakarta students have been attracting notice for their thought-provoking and topical SCREAM zine publication since 2020. And in their most recent issue, head designer Mei Hutchinson’s graphic and distinctive artwork has taken things to a whole new level.

Scream Zine Artwork

SCREAM zine, a submissions-based online magazine created by a group of ACG School Jakarta students, is catching the attention of global trailblazers.

The latest issue, ‘Of Heart’, profiles five inspirational modern female changemakers and includes individual portraits created by incredibly talented ACG School Jakarta artist Mei Hutchinson. Three of the five women profiled – Xiye Bastida, Nadya Okamoto and Melati Wijsen – saw Mei’s illustrations on Instagram and commented on her post. What’s more, Melati was so impressed with her portrait that she shared it on her own personal page.

“These portraits are among the favourite pieces I’ve created for SCREAM zine, and it was amazing to receive such a positive response to them,” says Mei, who has been involved in the publication since it was launched by her older sister Lina in 2020.

Mei’s spectacular artworks have graced every issue, each of which hones in on pressing topics for youth, such as gender diversity, mental health and climate change.

“Most of the art I create for the zine [a self-published magazine] is related to the topic of the issue or article. I draw most of my inspiration from what the writers create, so when people look at the publication, they can have visuals to complement what they’re reading.”

Mei hopes her creations inspire others to submit some of their work as the team grows its readership and reach.

“One thing I enjoy the most about SCREAM zine is being able to give a platform for young students to voice their opinions and ideas on issues that they’re not always able to talk about. Being part of the publication provides a platform for me to start conversations about topics I’m interested in and gain new perspectives. It also provides me with a creative outlet outside of school, which has been a really positive experience.”

Creativity has always played a big part in Mei’s life, but it’s only since the arrival of Covid-19 that her talents as an illustrator have come into the spotlight.

“Growing up, my mum liked to make jewellery and draw cute characters; I think that’s where my interest in art stems from. I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands, but during quarantine, I became more interested in traditional styles of art, like drawing. There’s not one particular style of art I like to do, though. So I’m still trying out new things to see what I enjoy the most.

“At the moment, I’m particularly inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. I love her messages of positivity and her use of bold colours.”

Boldness and a positive vibe encapsulate the essence of SCREAM zine, as the publication strives to create a fun, supportive and creative space for students to share their views. Year 12 student and SCREAM zine writer Chiara Mini loves being part of the team and encourages all students to consider getting involved by submitting their stories or artwork.

“Writing for the zine is a great opportunity to have something going on outside of academics, something that you can be passionate about,” says Chiara.

“I particularly enjoy the research aspect of article writing as it’s a chance for me to learn about things I’m genuinely interested in. In addition, I have the opportunity to learn at my own pace about topics I wouldn’t normally find in my textbooks.”

So what’s in store for the rest of the year? 

Chiara says, “Our plans for SCREAM zine are to continue putting out issues regularly and grow our social media pages to build a greater audience. And that’s definitely achievable because we’re a determined and passionate team that loves what we do!”

To find out more or read the latest issue, head to SCREAM zine or visit their Instagram page @scream.zine