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ACG School Jakarta welcomes new Vice Principal

Creative. Dynamic. Entrepreneurial. These three words describe not just ACG School Jakarta, but also its newly appointed Vice Principal, Richard Todd.


Formerly the school’s Senior Teacher, Curriculum, Richard’s vision and drive have established him as a dynamic and inspirational leader within our school community. And now, as he takes up the reins as VP, he is more committed than ever to cementing ACG School Jakarta’s place as a world-leading, future-focused education provider.

“I am looking forward to helping further enhance a school environment that champions creative problem solving, personal responsibility and entrepreneurial attitudes at all levels, in all subjects,” he says.

“Helping our community support student led initiatives so that we are known as the school in Jakarta where students can actually use their educational tools to solve real-world problems, build things that work, and create objects that inspire the soul. Being a Vice Principal will allow me to help support others to realise their own potential and, in turn, the limitless potential of the school.”

It’s a natural progression. Richard already held a wide and varied remit of responsibilities at ACG School Jakarta, from teaching senior Art classes and helping staff with professional development, to reviewing policies and processes and overseeing curriculum development.

“I think all of those responsibilities and roles will help me because they indicate the breadth of the tasks and the range of the role as a VP. My educational leadership experience extends beyond K-12 schools and throughout the three International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. Being an IB examiner and workshop leader has allowed me to formally and informally mentor teachers, and my experience in curriculum design has, and will, help me develop and extend the documented curriculum at ACG Jakarta,” adds Richard, who began his career as an educator 30 years ago and has taught all over the world.

Add to that the fact that three of his own children have completed the IB Diploma Programme and it would be fair to say he has a deep and expert understanding of the educational journey from all perspectives.

While his responsibilities as Vice Principal will be wide-reaching, Richard says he has three top priorities – ensuring the school community continues to provide a clear and purposeful focus for the academic year; helping staff realise their teaching ambitions through tapping into their creative potential; and raising standards in all areas – academic, creative and pastoral – across the school.

“I want to help our community realise its potential through ensuring teaching and learning experiences are developed into a connected curriculum from Kindergarten right through to Year 13.”

This work will include designing successful mentoring and professional development programmes in-house and expanding the school curriculum to better align it with the school’s mission and values while raising the profile of entrepreneurial behaviour in subjects such as Arts, Design and Technology.

“I would like to build on what has already begun in 2019-2020, mentoring teacher assistants, leading the arts department, and implementing new and exciting school wide initiatives such as the Wolves radio station, recording studio and Café Society sound stage.”

The school community can be confident that Richard has not only the educational expertise and leadership capabilities, but also the attributes and unwavering determination to get the job done.

“I believe that schools should tread their own path and not be afraid to ask difficult questions of themselves, so leaders need to be responsible, creative, resilient, problem solving and entrepreneurial.

“A VP also needs to be patient, practical, focused and driven to help the school and community achieve its goals. In my view there are two kinds of power – power over things and people, and power to make things happen. I want to be a leader that helps get things done that help the community.”