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A well-rounded school for well-rounded students

Education is a gift that can never be taken away. That’s why many parents search long and hard to make certain their children have access to a school that will help them reach their potential.


The Duder family were determined to find a school that delivered excellence in academic achievement to ensure sons Alec and Adam were given the best educational opportunities. However, they were also looking for a holistic, well-rounded environment to actively nurture and engage their boys, and empower them to perform to their best.

So, the Duder’s decided to base their search purely upon the basis of quality – the quality of the teachers, the quality of the curriculum and the quality of the facilities.

Attracted by the calibre of academic curricula offered by ACG School Jakarta, the globally recognised Cambridge and International Baccalaureate programmes were especially important to dad Nick. For him, they helped to set the school apart. Additionally, smaller class sizes, personalised learning programmes and the close-knit school community were crucial factors in the family’s decision to enrol the boys at ACG.

Since joining ACG School Jakarta in 2013, 12-year-old Alec (now in Year 8) and 10-year-old Adam (Year 6) have thrived in the warm, inclusive, and progressive atmosphere of the school. As keen sportsmen, the boys have made the most of the various co-curricular options available to them as well.

“ACG has helped them mix and interface in a multicultural environment and be active and passionate when it comes to school sports and activities,” says Nick.

“Alec enjoys the social aspects of being with his friends, especially when going on camps and representing the school at football and athletics. He enjoys Global Perspectives [Middle School subject] in particular, as the teacher makes it fun and interesting.

“Adam enjoys the social aspects with his friends, representing the school at football and athletics, and he also enjoys swimming.”

From a teaching perspective, Nick appreciates the quality and expertise that the international teachers at ACG Jakarta provide. He believes that the active engagement and support given by specialist teaching staff ensure students are enthusiastic, motivated, and inspired to learn.

“It is our priority to offer our students a quality education,” confirms ACG School Jakarta Principal, Shawn Hutchinson. “We focus on promoting progressive, dynamic and globally recognised curricula to create the best learning outcomes for our students.”