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A personalised learning approach

There is an increasing interest among parents to personalise their children’s education, ensuring they receive the best experience for their own specific needs. Recognising this, ACG School Jakarta are leading the way by creating a customised learning programme which focuses on each child’s academic strengths and subject interests, styles of learning, and the pace at which they work.


ACG School Jakarta offers an inclusive, friendly and dynamic educational programme for students from preschool to Year 13, including the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Cambridge curriculum.

“We welcome the chance to showcase our international learning experience. Our curriculum provides a personalised learning experience for each and every student, to help them become a motivated, curious, entrepreneurial and internationally-minded individual,” says ACG School Jakarta Principal, Mr Hutchinson.

ACG offers a mix of local and internationally acclaimed educational programmes
ACG School Jakarta understands that in our increasingly globalised world, students not only need to learn about their own culture but must also develop and expand their knowledge on an international stage. In order to equip their students with a wide range of skills and abilities, the school provides a variety of customised options, including:

• The globally recognised International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) and Diploma Programme (IBDP)
• Cambridge International Lower Secondary and IGCSE courses
• English Language Support programmes
• A Bahasa Indonesia programme for native and non-native learners in all year levels
• A Kindergarten programme for students aged from two to five years old

ACG provides an all-round learning experience
ACG School Jakarta’s modern facilities ensure students have access to equipment that aligns with their aptitudes and interests. Sports, the arts, and community service are all central to a balanced learning experience and can be seen in the specialist classrooms and laboratories, library and gymnasium, and an exploration area.

“Our environment provides activities to empower students’ creativity, innovative thinking, and problem-solving skills through the process of art and performances, engineering, robotic mechanism, and Internet of Things (IoT),” says Mr Hutchinson. “By combining academic courses with real-life activities, we help students build their confidence to tackle any challenges they face.”

ACG encourages parental participation in daily school life
Mr Hutchinson believes that parental participation is a core component of the school’s culture to improve each and every child’s learning outcomes.

“We encourage parents to continuously work in tandem with teachers and the school community in order to increase connectivity between the school and families. Therefore, we incorporate parental involvement activities into our tailored programme. These include Parent / Teacher conferences and recently launched programmes, “Primary – A Day in the Life” and “Secondary Learning Celebration,” in which parents are invited to become students for a day.”

A member of Inspired, ACG School Jakarta is one of six global ACG Schools with a focus on providing a holistic education to help students excel in a global arena. As a group, ACG Schools students ranked in the top five for the 2018 Cambridge International Exams. With the admission cycle now in motion, ACG School Jakarta is planning a series of upcoming events, including Parents as Learners Workshop (10 January 2020), Lunar New Year Celebrations (24 January 2020) and Literacy Week (17-21 February 2020).