Sports, Arts, Activities and Clubs

House system and student leadership

Your child will be engaged in a wide range of activities – including sports, arts, technology and culture. Our school has excellent facilities that support and enhance the range of co-curricular activities we have on offer.

Students playing badminton


Our sporting programme is wide-ranging and inclusive, offering students various opportunities to participate in different sports. The sports programme focuses on giving students the chance to refine their skills, while participating in sporting activities which are friendly, competitive, respectful and well-organised. ACG School Jakarta has a code of conduct on how students should behave when participating in sports activities.

ACG School Jakarta plays competitive sport in the ASAC (ASEAN Sports and Activities Conference), JASIS (Jakarta Association of Small International Schools), and JAAC (Jakarta Area Athletic Conference). Teams are entered for both boys’ and girls’ sports events. Matches are played after school, during the school week and on weekends and may include basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, badminton and track and field.

Expert Coaching in Sports

ACG School Jakarta provides expert coaching in sports, either through school staff or specialists from external agencies. In addition, ACG School Jakarta has an outstanding swimming programme led by highly regarded and respected coaches.

Students playing football

Sports Teams

At ACG School Jakarta, we value sports practice and physical education. We see the connection and importance of physical activity and sport as an essential prerequisite for academic success and overall well-being and encourage students and teachers to participate in active practice to their best ability. Students may access a range of athletic programmes and leagues - all ages and abilities are catered for.

The Arts

Committed to Educating the Whole Child

A well-rounded education

At ACG School Jakarta, we are committed to educating the whole child. We aim to provide opportunities for students to discover and develop their interests and abilities across the whole range of possibilities. We want our students to have a well-rounded education, which means the development of both their intellectual abilities and their creative abilities. To achieve this, ACG School Jakarta has a strong visual and performing arts programme.

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Including ASAC festivals, ACG choir, and primary productions and concerts

Students may participate in a range of co-curricular music opportunities throughout the academic year, including ASAC Festivals, ACG Choir, and Primary Productions and Concerts. Students will engage in rehearsals under the direction and guidance of Ms. Shinta Valentine, who is a specialist music teacher. 

Those wishing to participate in co-curricular music activities should contact Ms Shinta Valentine and provide specific details including full name, Year Level, area of interest, and instrument experience.

Activities and clubs

After-School Activities (ASA) and Clubs

Amazing opportunities

To complement our international curriculum, we offer an exciting and diverse programme of After-School Activities (ASA) and Clubs. In recent years, school curriculums have expanded to better prepare students for a challenging new world. ACG School Jakarta practises this ideology through the IB Primary Years Programme, Cambridge International Examinations and IB Diploma Programme. Our academic focus, teamed with the strong emphasis we place on activities outside of the classroom, help our students develop the intellectual, emotional, cultural, physical and social attributes they need to become well-rounded global citizens.  

Our After-School Activities Programme and Clubs run throughout the academic year, and provide opportunities for students to participate in enrichment and special interest activities. 


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Student Leadership

Contributing to School Life

Development of leadership skills

The development of leadership skills is actively encouraged at ACG School Jakarta. Students have the opportunity to contribute to school life throughout the year by representing their peers, leading sports teams or by taking on more formal leadership roles.

Student leadership positions allow students to:

  • Further develop initiative, commitment, and maturity in a leadership role across a range of settings
  • Serve within the school community in their specific areas of interest
  • Participate fully in school life and inspire others to become involved.

Student leaders and representatives at ACG School Jakarta should:

  • Become positive and responsible role models
  • Act as ambassadors for the school in the wider community
  • Take an interest in listening to other students and provide a voice for the greater student body
  • Provide guidance and act as mentors for other students
  • Are team players who work collegially with both staff and peers to prioritise tasks and events
  • Assist staff where necessary.

Being an Eco-Warrior allows students to become an ambassador to educate and motivate the school community toward sustainability by the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). Students also have the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as Earth Day and outside school activities organised by NGOs, including Clean Up Jakarta Day and Hari Bersih Indonesia.

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