We are Open for Learning

Delivering excellence in education is our first priority at ACG Jakarta and within the design of our Virtual School Environment, we have retained two core elements that we believe make ACG Jakarta an outstanding school.

Firstly, the live student-teacher interaction which is fundamental to all pupils making progress and achieving their full potential. Secondly, the desire to maintain our personalised learning approach that treats every student as an individual and always supports them pastorally and academically.

Our virtual classrooms have proven to be extremely successful with both students and their families, and continue to deliver a comprehensive, dynamic online learning programme that:

  • Enables students to follow lessons via online learning platforms
  • Provides direct ongoing interaction with their teachers and classmates to ensure high engagement and focus throughout the new style of school day
  • Allows students to attend virtual classes from their homes

As a member of Inspired Education Group, ACG Jakarta can draw upon the knowledge this global network has already accumulated since international closures began. Inspired is effectively providing a ‘virtual school life’ to more than 25,000 students in 11 countries around the world, with over 100,000 hours of e-learning already completed.

Building on this experience has allowed us to seamlessly transition to delivering live online education to all our pupils at all year levels:

  • ACG Jakarta students are following a regular school timetable
  • Students are ‘attending’ lessons from Monday to Friday
  • Teachers are delivering a combination of live streamed lessons, video sessions and online assignments

ACG Jakarta has a unique communication plan in place for family communities, staff and students. Parents will receive:

  • An overview of timetables
  • A clear understanding of expectations
  • Direct lines of communication with teachers

By moving to live online lessons, we are empowering our students to continue their learning, supported by their teachers and alongside their friends, for however long the current lockdown conditions last. We are open for learning.

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We want to help ensure your child continues to receive the best possible education during this time. We are open to take enrolments. Enquire now and we can help speed up the enrolment process which provides an easy online video interview. If you are ready to enrol online, click here.

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Your child’s learning doesn’t need to stop

  • Live online lessons so our students continue their learning and get ahead
  • Virtual meetings for our new families to get to know us and our school
  • Live learning every day for our students as we adapt our delivery of excellence in education to every situation

Nothing matters more to us than delivering excellence in education to our students, and we are not letting anything stop us. By switching to live online lessons for our pupils and virtual classroom experiences for prospective parents, we are making sure no-one gets left behind.

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