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Student leadership

To equip young people with the ability to assume leadership roles and give them the confidence to help drive future change, ACG School Jakarta has introduced an array of student-led enterprises which promote independent thinking.

Extending across the ACG School Jakarta curricular and co-curricular activities, the initiatives are operated entirely by ACG’s Secondary students and include producing a monthly digital magazine, managing the Student Council’s Instagram account, and running the school’s radio station.

A student-supported news source about the latest ACG community developments. Students can practice their design and writing skills to create meaningful articles that spark conversation. A team of students will be selected to express ACG’s values and philosophy. The team is encouraged to discuss events, expectations, ACG’s mission, and goals, but also global issues. As well, they are expected to cover the newest extracurricular additions available, clubs, academic progress, partnerships, to encourage student-led initiatives such as Radio-wolf, SCREAM Zine, the impact of the eco-warriors, to provide pandemic updates, to present events organized by the student council, opportunities available such as MUN or subject-based internships or courses. Topics such as leadership, internationalism, creativity, community-based action, volunteering, sustainability are advocated to be discussed. The team is emboldened to be as creative as possible! Visuals such as pictures, photographs, prints are a great way to accompany the article. Ultimately, it is an incredible opportunity to be proactive and passionate about this community!

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Founded in 2018, the ACG Radio Station (Radio Wolf) allows students to learn and explore professional broadcast practices. They have the chance to write scripts, conduct research and interviews, and produce content using Rodecaster Pro, a fully integrated podcast production studio.

To get involved please contact: Richard Todd

STUCO Instagram is the official Instagram account of ACG School Jakarta’s Student Council. Started in October 2019, the platform updates the ACG Jakarta community about the various school events the council runs. One of the moderators, Year 12 Prefect Lina Hutchinson, highlights how this account is different from the school’s main Instagram page due to it being entirely student-led.

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Founded in by 2020, the Assembly Committee is a team of students dedicated to planning, organising, sourcing, collating, producing, and promoting the online Whole School Assemblies with the support of the Student Council, Faculty and Staff, Parents and the wider ACG Community. There are many ways to help including journalism, reporting, presenting, filming, editing, narrating, producing and promoting to name a few. The committee works all year round to produce one assembly per month maximum.

To get involved please contact: Richard Todd

ACG School Jakarta has four houses from Kindergarten to Year 12. The Biawaks, Cicaks, Gekos and Komodos all contribute to ACG School Jakarta’s spirit in many ways. Each house has their own colour and logo and, when house events are run, all students don their colours in support of their house in various fun and exciting competitions.

To get involved please contact: Ryan McPhee

Founded in 2019, MUN (Model United Nations) is a forum for debate on selected global issues which follows the procedures of the actual United Nations conference structure. Delegates are exposed to a network of peers, educators, and changemakers from private and government organisations to inspire their actions and ideas. They prepare opening speeches on issues related to specific UN councils, and then collaborate and debate on draft resolutions to provide solutions to these issues following the rules and conventions of UN debating as they do so. The MUN conference strives to empower students, through these experiences, to become a generation of solvers beyond the walls of the conference venue and challenge themselves to take back what they have learned to change and transform their own communities for the better.

To get involved please contact: Brendan McTiernan

Being part of the Student Council allows students to develop their leadership and management skills. Students would have the opportunity to propose, promote, plan and execute school-wide activities and events such as Spirit Week ,Game Night and Holiday Poster Competition.

Student Council members are also privileged to be Eco Warriors. Being an Eco-Warrior allows students to become an ambassador to educate and motivate the school community toward sustainability by 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle). Students would also have the opportunity to participate in various activities such as Earth Day and outside school activities organized by NGOs such as Clean Up Jakarta Day and Hari Bersih Indonesia.

To get involved please contact: Ms Vinnie and Ms Lia

A submission-based online magazine that is entirely student-led and is a place for everyone to contribute to! It is meant to be a fun, positive, and creative space for everyone to enjoy. People can start conversations on any topic, appreciate art, and recognize what everyone has to express. The team releases themed issues monthly and students can submit various pieces such as essays, songs, doodles, literature reviews, graphic designs, or anything else they can imagine. Some of the pieces are also aimed at raising awareness of global environmental and socioeconomic issues.

To get involved please contact: or access their website for more details and how to contribute.

KarangKita (meaning “Our Corals”) is a project by Salsa, Adam, and Alisha of Year 13 for our CAS Project, which is required to complete the IB Diploma Programme. The goal is not only to spread awareness on the conditions of our coral reefs and the importance of their welfare but also to make sure that people minimize the damage of these corals by replanting the corals that will last for future generations to come. The students are using Instagram to share information and updates about corals and are selling pins as their primary method of fundraising to replant corals in Kiluan Dolphin Beach, Lampung, Indonesia. Please support this great cause by purchasing the pins by contacting and following them on Instagram @KarangKita or by sharing with others about KarangKita!

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STEM competitions allow individual or student teams to solve a specific challenge or problem through science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Many of these challenges are rooted in real-world issues, encouraging our students to use creativity and critical thinking to develop innovative solutions.

To get involved please contact: Abraham Devis

Founded in by 2019, the Yearbook Committee is a team of students dedicated to planning, organising, sourcing, collating, producing and promoting the digital school Yearbook with the support of the Student Council, Faculty and Staff, Parents and the wider ACG Community. There are many ways to help including interviewing, designing, filming, layout, editing, copywriting, producing and promoting to name a few.The committee works all year round to produce one digital yearbook in June of the academic year.

To get involved please contact: Richard Todd

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