Sport at ACG School Jakarta is an integral aspect of school life.

Our sporting programme is both wide-ranging and inclusive, offering students a variety of opportunities to participate in different sports. The sports programme focuses on giving students the opportunity to refine their skills, while participating in sporting activities which are friendly, competitive, respectful and well organised. ACG School Jakarta has a code of conduct on how students should behave when participating in sport.

ACG School Jakarta plays competitive sport in the ASAC (ASEAN Sports and Activities Conference), JASIS (Jakarta Association of Small International Schools), and JAAC (Jakarta Area Athletic Conference). Teams are entered in both boys’ and girls’ sports. Matches are played after school during the school week and on weekends. Sports include basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, badminton, and track and field.

ACG School Jakarta provides expert coaching in the sports it offers, either through its own staff or by linking with external agencies.

In addition, ACG School Jakarta has an outstanding swimming programme led by highly regarded and respected coaches.

At ACG School Jakarta we value sport and physical education as we see the connection and importance of physical activity and sport as an essential pre-requisite for academic success and overall well being. We encourage students and teachers to participate in sport to their best ability and will provide opportunities and exposure to a range of athletic programs and leagues for students of all ages and abilities to engage in.

To get involved please contact: Ryan McPhee

E-Sports describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming. Competitors from different leagues or teams face off in the same games that are popular with at-home gamers. This year there will be opportunities for ACG students to participate in E-Sports leagues and tournaments within ACG SChool Jakarta, and with students all over South East Asia through our international conference ASAC, the ASEAN Sports and Activities Conference.

To get involved please contact: Ryan McPhee

ACG Jakarta Wolves Sport Programme 2021-2022

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