Leadership at all ages

At ACG School Jakarta, students are actively encouraged to develop their leadership skills. One available pathway is to become a member of our Secondary School Student Council. This opportunity provides a safe and supportive environment for Middle School and High School students to voice and develop their ideas. Additionally, it allows our young learners to acquire a wide variety of valuable skills for the future, such as teamwork, time management, public speaking, empathy and perseverance.
Under the guidance and mentorship of Secondary School Student Council Coordinator Annie Pickering, students learn to find their voice and represent their peers. We’ve invited some of our Middle School councillors to share their experiences below.

ACG School Jakarta Year 9 student, Devansh Bahuguna

Devansh Bahuguna, Year 9


"My goal is to gain more experience and expertise by working with different groups doing different tasks."

ACG School Jakarta Year 8 student, Rashi Pandya

Rashi Pandya, Year 8


"The leadership team allows students to be involved with making decisions about what happens at school."

ACG School Jakarta Year 7 student, Sparsh Dhingra

Sparsh Dhingra, Year 7


"I felt proud of myself when I heard my name announced and was excited too."


Aya Adrian, Year 7

"My advice for students wanting to become future leaders is to be responsible, listen to people and have fun."


Etarina Kuru, Year 9

"It is an honour for me to be able to represent my fellow peers and provide a voice for their ideas and concerns."


Yasmina Adimasadi, Year 11

"I feel both happy and accomplished to be a part of this year's student council."


Izzie Widjaja, Year 8

"I think that speaking up and having a sense of responsibility is essential."


Arief Iskandar Sufian, Year 10

"Focus on participating in school activities and be ready to take up any challenges ahead of you."


Ellena Cumberbirch, Year 11

"I can learn from others and be involved in matters affecting my classmates and me, along with the well-being of the school."