Secondary Teacher

Agung Wibowo

Secondary Years Teacher


Agung Prasetyo Wibowo is from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. He graduated from Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom, majoring in Educational Leadership. He has more than ten years of teaching and working experience in many education levels, starting from Primary school until University. This experience has shaped him to be able to teach different subjects in social science such as Economics, Sociology, and Languages. Agung has been appointed to positions in some roles in his previous schools; a Head of Language Centre at one private university in Indonesia, Children University UK Project Leader, and Vice-Principal of Students Affairs. Currently, he is a husband and a father of a new baby born; a lovely daughter. He is passionate about meeting different people as he traveled to many different countries in Europe and Asia. He attended a conference in Kyoto, Japan, and won a nomination as the best speaker. Overall, Agung has contributed many positive things to education and he is ready for a global community.